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I’m back playing DIEP.IO!

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Today we play the CLASSIC Diep.io again!
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Music by Ninety9Lives
Tobu – Such Fun
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  1. This is a troll

    OR IS IT

    Scroll to find out

    Keep scrolling

    Almost there

    Hehehe it was a troll.

  2. You can tell he's Canadian, sup Canadian buddy

  3. When he said Gabriel Gabriel imma hit you Gabriel I felt so scared that's my name

  4. Man this was made 2 years ago also sub to gladiatorplays

  5. I can’t get this as a gene is this a neon computer

  6. POV: you came back here to watch this again

  7. heres a little hack prees y to show that imidge

  8. 150:51
    Sundee: i realized im on leaderboard

  9. Me when ssyndee was at low health in 7:43 : hey ssundee if you have low health don't do max health cuz it makes you regen a little longer but if you put points into regen then it will regen all your health back

  10. Portal Edilson Filmagem & Sonorização says:

    THERES A LOT OF BRAZILIANS nice we are penetreting to all american games

  11. Ssundee was on the leader board so long and he didn't notice

  12. You know you can press m then your upgrades to do them auto and e for auto shoot
    And c for auto in

  13. I just got this game a second ago

  14. You should see how fast you can shoot while being able to have BIG damage

  15. To see all the tybes of tacks you have to hold y

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