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I Turned a Fake .io Game Into a Real Game

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If you’ve played multiplayer .io games before, you were lied to. Most .io games make the player think they’re playing on a real server, but everyone is a bot. So I wanted to prove .io game companies wrong by making a REAL multiplayer .io game in 2 hours!

Thanks @BarjiLIVE for featuring in the video!
→ Barji’s POV:
→ Barji’s game:

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  1. fun fact online doesnt mean against other players it means you need wifi to play

  2. We all know the real winner was me, Sonic the Hedgehog guy

  3. how did vector manage to find a photo of barji

  4. That video is straight up garbage tier, nothing of value was produced and no gameplay was shown. Not mentioning that there's literally no coding involved. Bottom of the barrel content.

  5. 5:32 i like how he searched up a tutorial on how to draw a character he made

  6. wth, agario have multiplayer, but a SMALLER percentage of all players are bots
    prove – I was playing agario with my brother

  7. Slither I.O has a multiplayer option with real players, I played it with my sister before

  8. How the Frick agario is offline game..? How do you think streamsniping works in this game?

  9. That ItzFimes dude is really handsome frfr pls believe me, like I'm literally telling the truth, no joke he's the best guy on earth. Im NOT joking, he's really awesome guys.

  10. literally lying in the first 15 seconds of the video wow

  11. i think u mean pvb instead of pvp when u said that every io game has pvp



  14. You should make sussy schoolgrounds chapter three

  15. why when i remember of .io games you make one? Do you spy on me? Are you a god?

  16. if you force people to rejoin your game, itll win tenfold

  17. bro you got minotalen and bruh9000 in your game?!

  18. -polymars : so…fasdhfasdfjsdnbfasjdmxfasdhbfgasdjkfhjdukeeefbhaejfabhagfbahcbaeyngfashdkacfyexmashgdfgbawenafhdbacfhsebcfyahbsdcfjasbdyfabesyfbdchnfaeysnfasdfcbuynasbyfncesdfcbadfycnebacfasefa. yeah.. you get the idea….

    -me : what?

  19. So right now So right now So right now so right now So right n- 9:16

  20. GAHHDAMN the boy is so handsome, and you just always races me up

  21. Turn the marscation into the add

  22. This is stupid no way polymars won

  23. bonk io is real tho
    it got live text chat and do not act like bot

  24. Barji got a point tho. You didn't put any effort into this piece of sh*t. Also Barji got the Dani plushie so point for him.

  25. thank you so much for this sacred knowledge bestowed upon all idots

    – idiot


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    Yeah, that's sick!

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