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I Survived a Battle Royale With 500+ Countries! (Territorial.io)

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A Battle Royale with 624 players is difficult…
I Created an Irish Empire By Taking Over the World
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  1. many of these players's name is hillarious 😂

  2. I play one month and i see a name in this games this name is(sus hot spain)

  3. Russian top right fella nickname is translated as Alliance. "Russian" flag behind Baltic at 5:29 is Prussian flag or in other words German.

  4. This man maybe the oldest man that known country memes lmao

  5. sylvania, is pronounced pennsylvania without the penn…

  6. They just left the game, lets goooo!

    he was still there-

  7. I started to play this game bcz of you

  8. heres a tip: always invade islands because you never know when the mainland part will be invaded

  9. 7:06 And that person was me i had the name drew army I did not realize you were there

  10. Let’s face it, if Alabama were a monarchy, it’d be a dynasty lol

  11. Did u know that 25% of the people who are over 9yrs old on this planet dont know where the country they live in is!
    That proves how stupid people are when they are like… Uhm so if We live here in France"Points to Yemen" then spain is over here"points to india"…

  12. i already ate over a 1000 people in that game

  13. You made the Philippines mad, we coming for you now with 20M at spawn

  14. I am spain without the A!!!😂 y'all know where this is goin!

  15. Hey Drew if you get a divorce in Alabama,Are you still brother and sister?

  16. Im addicted to this game now ever since I saw this vid

  17. I think I saw you in territorial io I saw someone with the same name

  18. España zzzz spain god dea es joda aguante españa saludos desde argentina🇦🇷

  19. "Joemother looks like a pretty weak candidate" 😂😂

  20. Drew I want to spawn in Russia process to spawn in Ukraine

  21. im pretty sure i used the name u using 2 months ago

  22. im also playing this and i can survive to the end

  23. I’m loving watching you play this mate

  24. Склонитесь перед альянсом. Он расправился даже с красной угрозой, лол

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