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I Survived a Battle Royale With 500+ Countries! (Territorial.io)

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A Battle Royale with 624 players is difficult…
I Created an Irish Empire By Taking Over the World
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  1. how to download this in pc

  2. I’m from Spain.🤬!but Spain without s is funny

  3. I didnt know a simple game could be that hard

  4. When drew was monarchist Alabama he actually saved LOL there was 1 block between him and the pink person above him

  5. Was that word choice: "let's finish Canada" a joke or not? Because I find it amusing that Canada was in IRL Finland.

  6. I love having names that trigger people like random clan is trash. So wvery single match I get teamed on

  7. Русские вперёд. Сразу видно наших

  8. "Альянс" отомстил всем за "Русские вперёд"

  9. The names are freaking gold. UWUguay, kim jong off lol

  10. Welcome to Alabama! Where your family tree turns into a family circle!

  11. Battle royale with +500 countries, meanwhile there is only 195 countries in the world

  12. 11:11 "Wow, look at all these red people" said the European colonists to the natives

  13. here is a tip you have to have every game one small island so if someone attack your main land you will not die

  14. You look like Simon Unge but somehow more "clean" if that makes sense xD

  15. calling Philippines "Peru" sounds so weird to me lol

  16. This was the most boring video i have watched ever…

  17. 1:38 ''like to start somewhere in russa'' , puts a marker on ukraine. Bruhhhh

  18. Sylvania? You mean Pennsylvania without the Penn?

  19. Like image the gear you’d get for winning

  20. I just love Territorial io I am playing it 24/7 lol

  21. It's an io browser game, you can bet that there's only bots you're playing against, it's all fake af

  22. only 194 Countries in the world caption is annoying af

  23. i love how his name on the game is spain without the first s😁😁

  24. this альянс guy is pronounced "ahw-yanse", which means alliance.

  25. “Look at all these red people over here” -Christopher Columbus

  26. Video if every country in American continent thing were split in territorys/states/provinces

  27. LevinceBall+mapping loves space lol ✪ says:

    Spain – S = Pain
    Spain – A = Spin

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