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I Roleplay as the Greatest Empires From History… (Territorial.io Battle Royale)

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Territorial.io shows how difficult it was for some of these empires
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  1. Drew durnil you can click the x at the attack to cancel the attack

  2. Jesus christ drew is bad at the game. And he is the one that originally got me into the game about 4 Month ago.

  3. Please use 1/3 of your army and use it once every 3-5 seconds. It makes you expand

  4. I just got this game so I could be l'manberg XD

  5. 7:00 let’s goo I got my boy juice wrld never forgotten one of my favorite rappers

  6. This needs a Japan map for Sengoku antics.

  7. I only get shortish games bc for some reason every one is VERY week so how do you get balencd game?

  8. Drew: playing as the greatest empires from history
    Also Drew: Plays as Brazil and Morocco but not HRE, the ottomans, or the Persians

  9. Mungolian didn't entered India,Nepal,Bhutan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and sri lanka this video is showing wrong

  10. good job you got me i was android

  11. Drew when he was uk drew : has England , Ireland, Wales , Cornwall Yorkshire mecria n. Ireland bot Lea : Scotland just Scotland

  12. U need to lower ur troops when atacking the bots at the bottom bar

  13. you had to WIN with the ROMAN-BYZANTINE EMPIRE

  14. 15:03 drew: aw I'm just gonna piss off chris

    Who's going to tell him

  15. I was playing as "In bad at this game" last month and let me just say it was an honor to die to you and be featured.

  16. tip: go for them while thier still weak

  17. 15:05 You can stop your troops by pressing the x beside the number of troops you sent out

  18. That was not how the mongolian nation lost land they wanted independentce

  19. Drew is there anybody in Australia

    Obviously somebody in Australia

    Drew naw there’s nothing in Australia

  20. Drew you can cancel boats under the green button at th top of the scren

  21. 4:58
    Drew:South africa
    Me:Ahhh yes South Africa is under South America

  22. Drew Durnil you just need money and spam on enemies

  23. Stalin Ball Animations and art requests says:

    Drew you can use multiple boats

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