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I made my own .io game and published it

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yeah so I made my own .io game because I thought it would be funny ig

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making my own game and publishing it online free for some reason idk thanks for watching


#nostalgia #custom


  1. Make a mod that adds the most useless red stone blocks and things.

  2. I got mr beasts money but then was slain by markiplier.

  3. I lose brain cells the more I watch this. Masterpiece

    Edit: wow, this is the most likes one of my comments has had. Thx for the likes. 👍

  4. Lets just hope that this game doesnt get copyright claim

  5. Bungo is truly the scariest mascot horror character of all time.

  6. Bungo is good, bungo is great, bungo is the ruler of this world, bungo is everywhere

    When I tried it was broken or something

  7. uh if ur not a NotaCasualty why is ur name Casualty?

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  9. I just hear the pipe clanging being silenced. Perfection.

  10. Why make markipliar and mac & cheese?? Why not just make Mark & Cheese

  11. if you go play the game now there is 5 bungos instantly spawn killing you and all you can do is wait for respawn and listen to the infinite metal pipe when anybody dies

    game of the year 10/10

  12. I have subscribe to thou and that is the reason for thee video to be in mine recommendation and this is perfect for mine brain who laughs at pipe and bread falls

  13. accidentally just played for an hour straight…..

  14. Bro that mr.beast on the money looks like an very good painter

  15. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  16. I want bungofest a singleplayer cuz everyone kills me

  17. you know its special when imnotacasualty uploads

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