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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

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I Made a Fake Multiplayer .io Game

With the rise of .io games and fake multiplayer games, I tried making a fake online game with bots. Here’s how it turned out!

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  1. You have too many enemies constantly and perfectly tracking the user, their aim needs to wander way more chaotically and they should become hostile towards one another if they start getting too close, it doesn't sell the illusion well enough being perfectly tracked by ~50% of the playersbase you encounter and they won't fight each other when baited into being close enough to be a nuisance either.

  2. To make this more believable, I would suggest that the skill of the enemy is changed if the enemy spawns with a better weapon, showing experience and skill because of the time it requires to gain each starter weapon.

  3. Payblood was an interesting little game actually. I completed it whilst the video played but it's a novel idea

  4. Clearly the "Pro Players" are still noobs as they haven't discovered the "Guy in Orange Gi" secret.

  5. I mean, take it to the next step and drop a pay to play $1 per coin, lol

  6. So question, My buddies and I would queue up and find eachother in a bunch of IO games, hell I remember chats for some and making bases.

  7. I think you shouldve done AI attack system differently

  8. 1:01 slither doesn’t fake its multiplayer unless you’re playing the explicitly labeled “offline mode” in the mobile app

  9. they still can understand that hes ai it just locks directly to the enemy instead of normal people that tries to look at him you should make random offset for the lock like every second it changes and make it stop sometimes and not moves all the time

  10. add noob.2.0 bot. he just come to you and spam atack

  11. I hate when I accidentally make Minecraft!!

  12. We're the bots chasing the buffs? Like the noobs would probs not, or just miss. And maybe the intermediate/good bots would grab it v fast

  13. Guy in orange gi! My favorite character from suck deez ballz z!

  14. You had a minecrqft youtube channel…what the fuck was it

  15. Slither io. Is real. Me and my friends have played together and found each other multiple times. We even tested if it was them.

  16. yeah, I knew that i always play with bots. i knew it

  17. Basically making a normal .io game

  18. I went to play this game and was quite surprised at how lively it was!

  19. Isnt agar io at least sorta online? You can play with people

  20. slither and agar both have real players mostly real players (some people uh are ai)
    i mean how else are you gonna have 5 caseoh stream snipers in agar (i know the vids old)

  21. Not all of the .io games are fake. I know this bc I would play with my friends, on both same team and opposite teams. Also, people name themselves things like TRUMP2024 and shit

  22. I really don't care if those games have fake players or not. As long as I'm having a good time

  23. i hate it when in accidently make valorant from scratch

  24. I can confirm shell shockers has real multiplayer I have met real friends in it

  25. What if the world is just a fake multi-player game. Everybody despawns when out of your range.

  26. Amazing the title of this video describes almost every .io game

  27. Thank you for the entertaining and useful in some way video!

  28. The word is addictive not addicting.

  29. "Aw crap i accidently made minecraft from scratch this always happens." Same bud

  30. You laterally said it would be weird if all the enemies went for the player, yet every bot has a perfect bullseye lock on the player and only the player. No one would ever believe this was a real game with other players, especially because everyone acts exactly the same and they spawn within your vision range with the best weapons and only attack you. The most simple thing you missed, and you ever said it yourself earlier in the video. What a huge waste of time, you completely missed it. Just a few changes though and you are good

  31. Taming io is multi player. Zombsroyal io is multiplayer.

  32. The way you’re saying the names is annoying. No one says DOT I O. That just said skriblio or agario

  33. I wanna go back in time and tell myself these are real players

  34. I just beat payblood selling both my legs and one arm, epic

  35. Heyo im a subscriber of Maddbz i just wanted to say your old dbz videos were my childhood and today after hearing the news of the passing of dragon ball creator (akira toriyami) flooded my brain with nostalgia,so i was wondering where you went and found you here,im glad to see your doing well here still on youtube as a gamedev.i hope everything goes well and take care:)

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