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I Found a FREE Battle Royale World Conquest Game! (Territorial.io)

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This is the best world conquest grand strategy game…
I Forced DISASTERS On Every Continent Until 1 Left
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  1. What is the quickest way to get destroyed? have the name poland

  2. Because you can get 1000 troops early on when you start by using 100 troops tube million troops on

  3. When you play teams mode and you dont know that you are playing team mode oof

  4. Games popularity just popped up when he made this video

  5. Yeah I've been playing the game since it's start. There were only like 5-10 players then 😆

  6. 11:38 "KNTL" in indonesian is . . . "d1cc" with the "c" replaced with "k"

  7. Finally this game has the credit it deserves

  8. 4:14 a vietnamese guy on top named Hai Ba Trung history vietnam when game not poplular yet

  9. checked this game out got squeezed between others all the time

  10. Some of these quotes become a lot funnier when your a history or geography buff.

  11. I’ve been playing this game for two days now, a This video just made me realize the bar at the bottom is the number of troops you send out. I kept making the number bigger not understand why I had no troops left

  12. There is a Roblox game called rise of nations and it's actually worth your time lol
    Kinda like this one but a lot better

  13. you just ruined the gamr with thousands of more users

  14. Games like this give me flashbacks of when in was a kid that i dont have

  15. Сибирская Империя как то далеко от Сибири

  16. Holey thy Black Hole [NOT OC, PLANETBALLS] says:

    if ya want to play with other people im in as the Knights of God! deus vult!

  17. I like when he puts Brazil or mentions Brazil in the videos because it means that we are even recognized abroad :')

  18. I found my new fav game, I was playing it until they turned off my power

  19. Reminder that 99% of all .io games are actually fake multiplayer games and are just bots

  20. Surprised that you know where is Argentina, nobody know us ;(

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