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I evolved in THE STRONGEST ZOMBIE in Zombeat.io (NEW .IO GAME)

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Today we play Zombeat.io. Take your zombie and play against other players. You can be the biggest zombie and dominate the global leaderboard 📊 If you like cartoon zombie games , you will love the graphics and the characters in zombeat.

Play Zombeat.io:

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  1. How many subs can I gain from this comment
    Subs right now :40

  2. You where close to not die and get 10000 score if you just touched that green toxic waste

  3. Fady do u know this game kinda copy l4d2 zombies

  4. Please fady dont shout bcuz u are breaking my ear drum

    [Jk i love that XD]

  5. I hope you will put the Arabic translation, I will be grateful to you

  6. Z zombies like to eat brains but I'm excited to be a zombie

  7. Did you see my I love ur vid comment and the pls do island war comment because pls do them

  8. Day can you play dragon City is so cool the max level your xp 150 cool

  9. Get fady to 500k so we can see and hear his music video

  10. I dont like this youtuber he always screams all the time

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