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I BECAME The TOP Player in Paper.io

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  1. The biggest I’ve ever got on that game is 100%

  2. Sluggo just so you know if somebody attached you while you’re on the side they attack and they cut that side off your dead

  3. if the map is red someone is eating your paper

  4. You hant beatin jelly's record yet he is 53% and 10 kills so close tho

  5. The way he says blob is halarious LOVE THE VIDEO : )

  6. On the map there is a Sanda map there is a circle and when the circle turns red somebody's in your trunk

  7. Did you see the map trun red that means some one is eating ur house

  8. slogo i went 90 one time nice keep it up slogo

  9. If the outline of the map goes red it means that someone is biting into you ❤️

  10. Don’t get excited on your first first kill you’ve got other things to do slow go

  11. who ever finds this comment stay safe and have a wonderful day

  12. Slogo in Jelly's Videos: WHAT?? HOW??!?
    Slogo in his videos: gotta keep calm.

  13. I dont know how I didnt realize that strat go out with a arm then connect it back with your part

  14. Is anyone gonna say that his score looked liked a moon

  15. I was Regulative but I got one glimpse of u

  16. Is it just me or did anyone else fink the map at the start look like a face.

  17. You’re so cute I know from your from England because you told us

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