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I Became a HACKER in DIEP.IO! Very OP!

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⛏Today we play Diep.io and exploit the game for the highest score!
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  1. SSundee didn't even explain what the shield does.

  2. Hi ssundee. I am from the future and I am ganna tell you to keep up the good work. And you are the leader in insane craft you got quadrillion money in there.

  3. You have absolutely no idea how to play this game, noob! Bullet Pen needs to be max very fast bc it's the main reason of you're damage sucker! 🙁

  4. The entire lobby is gonna kill you predator is so weak and it has so many counters, whenever i see a predator i see a free kill! If you encounter a good player he is going to destroy you!

  5. if you go octo-shot and bullet speed, bullet penetration, bullet damage, and reload it's so power that every time I try to get it it crashes.

  6. Look at the leader borad someone is blank name

  7. Daphne D. WALLIS - AngelWater Solutions says:

    I'm watching this on Karaoke, anyways why do u blur some names are they inappropriate?

  8. Id it just me or is that ssundee will never ever get old like his channel

  9. That bullet stack is pretty OP though

  10. this was three years ago Can I still watch at least once a year but I usually watch it once a month

  11. I love your videos I literally smack that like button everyone smack the light button

  12. Ssundee you should do
    Streamer(tank) starting off – Machine gun(tank) – Gunner(tank) Then streamer(tank)
    Streamer /tank stats:
    Max health(max)
    Bullet reload(max)
    Bullet damage(max)

  13. at the end of the video i think santi maxed out health regen and bodydamage

  14. Ssundee be like matrix matrix matrix just after getting 45. Cuts the video and gets a lvl 43- 45 kill

  15. I saw u while I was playing today! I was called “me” and u were “sub to ssundeex2”!

  16. With Joe aticiekie Joe will go major vaster

  17. hey ssundee why is ther a blank name in the top left

  18. Ащгк рщгкы? ещё ьштгеуы ефлу ше щук думу ше

  19. I was a champion and I failed my evil plan

  20. Try using penetration to increase ur damage

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