I AM THE WIENER! And I POOP IN MALLS?! (itch.io) - just-hot-air.com


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SSundee tries not to poop his pants…
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Awesome Video Editor(Russel)!!

Kehaan(Showed me the Website!!)

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Tiny Knights

The Last Wiener

Life: The Game

WC Hero

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Tobu – Such Fun
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  1. I saw it you forgot to blur God dammit Alan before you pressed try again

  2. 17:00 you the look of ecstasy to confusion switch was so damn laughable lol.

  3. Ssundee was funny that he playing the S.S WAL–E the begin off the channel

  4. Can we just talk about he use to have long hair

  5. My dad is ugly and he hit my kitten 3 times when I carried her around and WHY DID HE EVEN HIT HER?! AND MY SISTER AND MY MOM HATES HIM DUDE I HOPE HE DIES SO BAD maybe if they make a game that is called "kill your dad" I will play that non-stop cuz I hate my ugly stupid dad

  6. Who is Madeline and i sub and liked the video

  7. And my name is Xavier And im in Gr5 also im 11

  8. Ssundee on the poop game it said NO S! (curse word)

  9. I watch all ur vids recently 😍 love them

  10. When you were playing the last weiner and wc hero why does the brown dude look like a big poop? its weird.

  11. When my parents argue you cheer me up ssundee thanks soo much

  12. You look like a foot

  13. bro hes asking for 10 or 11 likes now he gets like 200k per video

  14. I liked subscribed and hit the notification bell SSundee

  15. And all that thing you just said like and scribe and Bell

  16. You guys are lit, thanks for being lit. Nah sayin?

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