How To Publish A Game On ITCH.IO -

How To Publish A Game On ITCH.IO

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Publishing a game on is actually really easy!
Continuing my quest to understand game publishing I have uploaded my game Straxirus and recorded the process for you to follow

You can download the game here

You can find me on Twitter @indiegameiacs


  1. So I just build the game in unity and uploiad there or there is a specific thing in unity i need to change for that to work ? thank you

  2. Hey! Thank you for this video.I have one question. My developed game (in godot) throws out antivirus errors that the game is not certified and can "hack" my computer. Which of course it does not. Is there some free tool to get it checked out and certified? I do not think its ok to release it to public with this error but I seem hopeless in finding solution.

  3. Itch, nice choice. It's still got a lot to overcome by way of being a dumping ground for gamejams and unfinished projects, but it's fast becoming my favorite platform.
    Best of luck on the game!

  4. NIce i am a begginer game dev. Finding a place to post games for free is rlly cool. And the tutorial is not bad too! Keep it up man!

  5. I published the game and it published the files do you know how to turn files into an app?

  6. You dont need to defend yourself asking for donations. There is nothing immoral about earning some money with creative work.

  7. I publish the game but it doesn't appear in the search, it only appears if you give the link, do you know how to solve it?

  8. Very helpful. Thank you very much. May the Lord bless you always.

  9. But is not work for me in download i have this message "This game is currently unvailable" whyyy

  10. I guess you use Affinity Designer for 2d design. I am also using AD while texturing 3d models and other 2d assets. It is better than using photoshop and illustrator since AD combines both vector and pixel. I see only a few people using it which surprises me. What kind of stuff are you using AD for and are you happy using it?

  11. The mobile file isn't working for myself nor others. How can I fix this? Me and a few friends rather play my game on the mobile.

  12. Sir,i have launched a game which they show published.but,i dont find it when search.plz,reply me.

  13. Nice vid, will look for your game, I am smazlabz on itch 🙂

  14. I need some help. Why doesn't my product appear in Most Recent?

  15. The skull in the background tho 💀
    Besides, bro got the best voice

  16. Eventhough this was last year I'm making my first game

  17. This was a really basic video BUT, you gave me enough confidence to just go and do it without any worries. Thank you so much for this!

  18. Bro I tried uploading my file and it says to verify my email

  19. I have a 50 Gb unreal environmental art file that needs to be uploaded, is there a way I can upload it through a link of my google drive? as in I post a link on of my drive from where everyone can download the file?

  20. i have done everting and says This game is currently unavailable

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