How to Download Games In 2020 | Where To Start? -

How to Download Games In 2020 | Where To Start?

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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to download games for Windows in 2020. This is an updated video that covers how to get started with playing games since the previous one didn’t cover .rar files. It takes a bit of time to learn how to use the program 7-zip to extract, but once you do you will be able to play games in no time.

** Make sure to check out the FAQ in Google Docs if you have a question that may have been answered! **

If you need help then I will try my best in the comment section.

Thanks for watching and take care.

Written Transcript On Google Docs:


0:00 Intro
0:16 Going To 7-Zip
0:42 Finding Windows OS 32-bit or 64-bit
1:12 Can’t Get Save As To Pop Up?
1:47 Going to
2:10 Downloading Your Game
3:01 Games I downloaded For This Tutorial
3:16 Installing 7-Zip
3:55 Setting Up Games
4:33 Can’t Find 7-Zip File Manager?
5:12 Extracting The Games!
6:14 Starting Up The Games
6:46 Outro

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The Upside Down:

Dungeon Drafters:


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  1. When I press download it takes me to winrar not windows explorer

  2. yea for the icon its just an internet explorer logo

  3. i use so much win rar that i can't imagine using other unpackers

  4. hello! im having a problem. the folder wont show up on my desk top

  5. support the creators, dont be an asshole

  6. I know I might be greedy but can you do "Among us"? It's really gonna help those who wanted to play it on pc with the free version! But you can turn this down if you don't want to do it, I can understand.

  7. when i download it it brings me to unzip it and it says thai file has been deleted or removed

  8. I came to this video to get paid games for free…. dammmmm

  9. My friend made a game and i hope it will be soon better he is still working on it!

  10. when i try to open game with 7Zip it doesn't work

  11. im kinda scared to download stuff from I downloaded a game from there before and had no problem I just wanna download among us and not get a virus :')

  12. Each time i download something on itch io, the files gets removed. Why? can you help in a video with that?

  13. Whenever I try to open it, it says I need to switch out of S mode. What exactly is that, and should I switch out of it?

  14. when the zip file downloads to my desktop, it disappears and on chrome it says it was removed. I've tried many times but it keeps getting immediately removed each time.

  15. I’m sorry but where did you get the upside down (zipped) file? I am honestly so confused and lost, I’m probably just being stupid- 💀

  16. Help mine doesn’t show up on the desk top it shows in the the file thing

  17. hi! i need some help. whenever i am done extracting the file and try to open the .exe file, it says it couldn’t execute, and it asks me if it’s missing. thank you!

  18. So when I opened it with my 7zip it showed me this screen with the files inside it and if I extract them or subtract the add etc, what should I do from here?

  19. So I got 7-zip but it shows it only in the a file manager thing and idk how to fix it

  20. On my windows laptop in doesnt give me the option to “open with”

  21. Well I almost get there then it says “security scan failed” do you have any advice ?

  22. When I download the app it takes me to the part where it says let this app make changes to your pc and I press yes and it brings me to the install screen and I install it and it doesn’t show up on my desktop

  23. Hello this tutorial helped a lot unfortunately when I tried to download Puppet Master the game with the same steps you did it did not work after I clicked on my extracted file and my files came up I could not find the application to start the game if you can help Thank You!!!

  24. does linux work on chromeook? it said it downloaded linux but like idk lol

  25. the 7-zip thing will download but when the thingy pops up asking to allow changes and i click yes and then after i click install it stays on the installing but it says its installed and it will only let me click close and the x

  26. I did this to download gnarled hav and when I went to my home screen and there was a document titled unfuck yourself. I’m sort of nervous so I could really use some help with this

  27. Hi, when I try to extract the files from 7-Zip, it gives me a message saying “The system cannot find the file specified.” Can you please help me?

  28. among us? ive dowloaded it but where do you get the zip file from ive downloaded the zip 64 thingo but i cant find how you turn it into among us zip

  29. so uh.. i ran into a problem. i accidently clicked "open with internet explorer" and now when i re-download it, its still internet explorer1!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!

  30. when i was doing this when i downloaded the 7 zip and clicked on it and it said to restart device.. its probably nothing just thought it was a little strange

  31. akfhwjhfks, i’m trying to download a game called close your eyes and whenever i try to open the exe after following all the steps it says “the code execution cannot proceed because xapofx1_5.dll was not found.” could you help out?

  32. 7-zip is really kind of stupid in terms of .zip files. If you didn’t know windows can extract .zip files without third-party software. So if you do .zip files don’t waste storage.

  33. when I download a game on windows 10 it downloads as a 7-zip file since i already downloaded 7-zip then i right click, 7-zip, extract files. Then i open the file in that file that just appeared and it says i cannot open them for each file i try i tried all of these sharedassets0, globalgamemanagers, sharedassets2, and sharedassets5. PLZ help but thanks for the turtorial. PS: i downloaded this ONCE before and it worked.

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