How to Download Games In 2020 | Where To Start? -

How to Download Games In 2020 | Where To Start?

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In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to download games for Windows in 2020. This is an updated video that covers how to get started with playing games since the previous one didn’t cover .rar files. It takes a bit of time to learn how to use the program 7-zip to extract, but once you do you will be able to play games in no time.

** Make sure to check out the FAQ in Google Docs if you have a question that may have been answered! **

If you need help then I will try my best in the comment section.

Thanks for watching and take care.

Written Transcript On Google Docs:


0:00 Intro
0:16 Going To 7-Zip
0:42 Finding Windows OS 32-bit or 64-bit
1:12 Can’t Get Save As To Pop Up?
1:47 Going to
2:10 Downloading Your Game
3:01 Games I downloaded For This Tutorial
3:16 Installing 7-Zip
3:55 Setting Up Games
4:33 Can’t Find 7-Zip File Manager?
5:12 Extracting The Games!
6:14 Starting Up The Games
6:46 Outro

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  1. What a minute- Can we also use WinRAR too?

  2. I can't do it it says the player.dd was not found when I try open it but I saw the file called player.dd

  3. Its asking if I want an app from an unknown publisher to make changes to my device

  4. It helped an I downloaded this game called Friday night funkin but some of the pictures won’t load on the game

  5. im having an issue where the "open with" doesnt show up. i use windows 10.

  6. but it still says REMOVED even when I downloaded 7-zip

  7. What setting do I go to to turn on pop up

  8. whenever i download the game and try to open it in my folder it just removes the file

  9. ive been using microsoft edge and it didnt work but when i used chrome it worked, thanks!

  10. it wont give me the option to use for extracting

  11. I bought Among Us on and I was wondering why the app wasn’t showing up on my hp laptop. I am following along with the video. Will this still work?

  12. Help! Whenever I download a game it just deletes itself.

  13. dude when i press open file it just says removed
    like if i press download 64bit then it doesn't pop up files manager it downloads at the bottom which is noral for all downloads that i download on my laptop. then when its done and i press "open file" it just says removed instead of opening files manager. i am trying to download a game called friday night funkin but it does the sam with all files. can you help possibly? i am using a windows laptop.

    wiat i think i fixed it hold on

    nope i did exactly what you did it just doesn't work sometimes when i try to download it it just says 'couldn't download – couldn't download'. and when i try to open it with 7-zip it just says invalid command i dont now what to do. i understand you probabaly wont respond but if you do could you tell me how to fix this? thanks.

  14. When I download a zip file it just either says cannot open or sometimes I open it and I want to extract it but then it just disappears

  15. Hi, I'm having a problem, it wont download the game, no matter what search engine I use it still won't download; it only brings me to a page called "MEGA" and that's it. The page also acts like it has downloaded the game by saying thank you and all that. Please help XD. Thanks.

  16. I dont know why but when i download friday night funkin it doesnt let me save to files and whenever i save to files it deletes the download PLSSSSS HELP, thank you

  17. finally at last i can play friday night funkin'


  19. Porque vc tinha que falar inglês 😞😞😞😞😞

  20. @Now That's Gaming I'm trying to extract files but it says that cannot find file specified

  21. bro you only guy who helped me to down;load games ur god

  22. I feel like an accomplished human being rn, thank you

  23. This was very helpful. You are amazing, thank you so much.

  24. When I use the 7zip app and then click ok it opens up a file explorer kind of thing, what do I do now?

  25. does this work on Mac? Or how can I download games on my Mac?

  26. whenever I download an game it never shows up in my folder and when I click "show in folder" it removes it

  27. there is no exe file that i can open… did i do something wrong?

  28. When i try to open the file with 7-zip, it does not show up. I click show more apps but nothing about 7-zip pops up.

  29. There just is no open with button for me, at setting up games.

  30. It won’t let me save the compressed zip of my game

  31. Thank you so much, your video has helped me a lot ❤

  32. Why does it say Failed – Download Error can you help? I wanted a game it seemed fun to have but it won't install properly.

  33. When the game is done downloading it doesn't automatically go to my desktop how do I fix this?

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