How To Download Games 2022! (.rar .zip .exe) -

How To Download Games 2022! (.rar .zip .exe)

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In today’s video, I show you how to download .rar .zip and .exe type games!

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  1. wow! this was so useful! thank you for making this =)

  2. I tried downloading a zip game and it was nothing at all like what you showed sorry it just wasn’t helpful

  3. Nice video and also can you get a virus from these?

  4. Legit mans changed state while in the video LOL first, game he bought was in pounds second, was in US dollars lol

  5. thank you, it has been a long time since i was helped by an 11 year old and i really appreciate it

  6. I can't download it say forbidden using Google chrome

  7. I don’t know how to open the files to get to the the game file

  8. man your pc is cursed with all them photos

  9. Thanks I really had no Idea on what to do till I saw this

  10. Thank you so much
    I’ve been trying to play this game for like 10 months but I’ve never figured out how
    Thank you

  11. Omg Thank you so much!! I swear I have learned more about zipped files here than I have ANYWHERE else. You're wayy smart dude!

  12. Thank you soooo sooooo soooo much I was having such a hard time playing on of the games I installed, this helped me so much

  13. If you buy a game on this site and delete it, will you have to repurchase it? And if you have two computers and want a game you bought on both, do you have to purchase it twice? (While logged into your account of course.)

  14. BRO THANK YOU SO MUCH!! explained it so easily and showed me my mistake !!

  15. Thank you so much now i can play games that ive been downloading!


    (b4 yall ask: why are u here (bc of pfp) im in my mums acc)

  17. Tysm I really wanted to play beware of shadow catcher

  18. I'm in windows 11, extracted the zip and cant find the game 🙁

  19. The zip one isn't working for me and i was using to see if my game was playable

  20. Why the f**k would u show us a website filled with viruses and malware

  21. omg the Mario party music………this scratches my brain so much !!! thank u!!! also ur voice is nice to listen to :3

  22. Omg bro thx I've been having problems with downloading rar files for the LONGEST time and everyone says "oh use WinRAR" but it's too confusing and I'm on a school laptop so I can't download apps

  23. This didn't help. I tried extracting a ZIP file but when I did, it didn't work.

  24. This is a very nice tutorial, to make a note winrar isn't to difficult you right click the file and use extract all just like you do with a zip file. though it seems 9zip is very simple. Also the dog is very cute~

  25. Is there a way to get the game applications on the desktop?

  26. Can someone help me.There isn't any option named "extract all".The only options shown r "extract files","extract here" and "extract to (game name).

    Edit:Turn out i just needed to press extract files lol

  27. Thank you this helped! also im the hundredth comment!

  28. When I try to run the zip thing I did what you did but it says it protected my pc with smartscreen it’ll let me do it but it’s says it’ll put my pc at risk

  29. why does EVERY TUTORIAL does NOT work for me???????????????????????

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