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Full Send Mechanic REMOVED FROM THE GAME?! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. I kinda wish we had a "Last Stand" mechanic, where if you lose a large amount of land in a small period of time, you can full send the attackers before you die

  2. i get that getting rid of full sending makes sense but capping the amount of troops you can send at once to only 20% completely ruins the game for me

  3. It’s ok but it’s too low. I think 40% would have been ideal

  4. Omg it sucks I have played 4 games same storie before the update I could scare people with full sends to not get killed gain some troops back and then try to get some kills now even if I have a similar amount of land I get insta kill

  5. This will get reverted, game is dying with this update

  6. I don't like the new update, what about the clutch moments where you NEED to hit someone with 70% to win , you know the big hit moments, 20% every 1-2 seconds isn't a good enough hit, I've tried it.

  7. 20% feels too low. I feel a better option would be to up the amount for a retaliatory strike, like if somebody attacked you in the last 5 seconds, you can hit them back once for around 50-60%. That eliminates the random full sends but would allow smaller players to still be able to bite back when somebody tries to absorb them.

  8. Give me a Japan map or something lol.

    The downside is the slider bar is an almost useless function in BR.

  9. I am not sure that this is a good idea. It limits how you can play.

  10. At first I was skeptical, but when I tried it I easily won. Now I can be aggressive at attacking weak neighbors without fear ❤️

  11. I love randomly full send when I'm obviously winning then just give away my potential game

  12. Bot replace mechanic is terrible tho, what if you are dead, but you can't leave and free your land up. Your teammates can never take your land it's reserved for enemies

  13. I'm a little on the fence about the 20% cap (will need to play more), but not having the fear of getting full sent anymore is great.

  14. I think the mechanic is "you can't have more than 20% of your troops deployed"

    So if you have an existing 20% attack going on against someone, itll refresh the troops up to 20% but that would explain why the repeated clicking won't push you into basically a fullsend

  15. i noticed it too. when i was going to die, i wanted to give the one close to me that wasn't attacking me the land and send all at the one who is attacking me.

  16. ॐ ࿗ The Priest of Varanasi ࿗ ॐ says:

    What about the bigger attacks which can give us an edge over other players? For instance if a player has got a very little troops, we can use slightly bigger attacks with around 40% of the troops to take them out before they build up. How are we going to do it with 20% cap?

  17. Breaking: Territorial has made world history by nerfing the M.A.D. doctrine

  18. This update will actually encourage me to play more aggressively. If I’ve got 3m and someone has 1.5m I’m 100% going to attack that player rather than fear getting instantly defeated for attacking him, getting full sent, then being devoured by my neighbors for suddenly being at half strength.

  19. drinking game: take a shot every time you hear "full send"

  20. One of the negative parts about full send nurfing is that it's no longer just you being responsible for your actions. Previously, whether you fail or win the game, it would be all the consequences of your actions and luck. Now, the game puts you at the artificial limits.

  21. I think 50% send should be the max not a measly 20

  22. If a player leaves the font changes
    Update: and 2 minutes later CG figured it out 😂

  23. An indication that a player has left the game, the font changes on their name. It happens to [Drew] Rome at the end just as you were getting pushed out.

  24. The worst thing is that you can no longer make a real fullsend threat to buy you more time to build up.

  25. fyi.. the people with the names in a different font are the players who have left and are being controlled by a bot

  26. its like

    first full send: 20% of total
    second rapid full send : 20 % of the (20% of total) if under 2 seconds

  27. I'm all for VFP but only if they've been part of the journey… bruh would've been good per se. This was a board cleaner for sure.

  28. This is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The cap should be per enemy, and it should change depending on the game… attacking/being attacked should increase it… trucing should decrease it… staying idle should allow it to tick back towards the default. That way you can still full send when someone actually deserves it.

  29. Okay but what about in the end game where imagine you have 249,000 pixels and I have 251,000 but you have 25mil troops and I only have 10mil. You could win that game by hitting me with 10-15 mil troops to take the advantage. That’s no longer possible as you would only be able to hit me with 20% (5mil) and it wouldn’t be sufficient to turn the tides in that game.

  30. No more cheesy vote for peace fullsent wins

  31. I can't wait to see your gameplay w/ the new rules applied!

  32. Tbh I don’t think this works, just yesterday we were at the end of the match, and the dude in third place behind me decided to spam full send on me, and ofc it killed both of us

  33. I can’t say I was a fan of full sending, but I HATE that they removed it.

    Games are going to be so boring now. You used to have those “wild card” players who you had to treat differently in case of a full send. And when other players got full sent next to you it gave you a massive advantage for free land. I do like the concept of players being replaced by bots though.

    I get that full sending is kinda toxic, (honestly I find boating worse) but I have a feeling this is going to kill the fun and variety of each match.

  34. A good idea would be to improve the cap on troops sendable over time, like you can't full send before say 3:00 timer, and from 00:00 to 3:00 you slowly grow up from 20 to 100%, so that full send isn't removed, just disabled early on where this is the worst thing to do whatever the target, and still usable as a dissuasion later on, also lets the possibility to hit at higher amounts than 20% for those cases where you are a small country having to contribute in hitting the crown or these kinds of scenarios; also for leaving players replaced by bots, it's actually quite bad in team games since the full send mechanic is still there, it's easy for big guys to take a full send from their target, carve 95% of the country and let the remains asa buffer between them and more dangerous targets, there should be an option that lets you remove your country from the game so that your allies can at least gain some of your land.

  35. Hey CG, I'm pretty sure that when someone quits the game, the bot will keep their name but it will be written in a thinner font.

    EDIT: Oh wow, immediately after writing this comment you noticed it yourself. Nevermind then 😅


  37. Why is it so little I fee like im throwing a paper bag at them even though I have double their troops

  38. I hate being fullsent on and i dont fullsend others but i dont like that they ”removed” it

  39. I liked the possibility of full send and the bluffs u could use of full send, and I think that u should be able to do whatever u want with your troops.

  40. when the player left the game the name isnt bold anymore, 24:50 peacefull islands is bold, then he left, check the message on botton, and then the name isnt in bold anymore

  41. The next two territorial videos I'm releasing were recorded before this update happened, so they still have full-sends in them. Just letting you know in advance so one one gets confused.

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