DEVOUR THE WORLD | Multiplayer -

DEVOUR THE WORLD | Multiplayer

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I am going to eat everything. They don’t call me the hamburgaler for nothin’!

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  1. My technique is just to sit in the road so then all the cars will come at me

  2. Snape-Burger-Lucky Block. That's a Game?

  3. Hfkfkdkdkfikfegjgedlzfhfgfiegdihfehifehihdifdyydtdifteifetdr2y2rjxzeyuzfuhfxtheutxfex7geyrkcgctikgvru4kgct4yg9ic2kro9tjc

  4. Кемельхан Жаркынбаева says:

    I love aphmau

  5. OMG I Like this game😊❇🏳️‍🌈🌌🌈❄🌟🎀🏆🏅🥇🐱🐩🦄💍💎👑👗💝💌💟💜💕💖💗👍👭

  6. Aphmau do you no that Wobbly Life is a game

  7. I had that game but then I deleted it because I had to much apps👩🏽‍💻 should I upload it and you can get more colours btw

  8. I’m gonna subscribe I love this video

  9. I played this game before and I love that you guys made this video it reminded me that I win in this game before:3

  10. i was in the round that snickers was in becouse i was third place

  11. 😅😅🚨🚧⛽🚲🏎️🚚🦽🛵🚙

  12. You guys are not killers you guys are eaters

  13. I'm the angryEST person in the universe right now . why did you not eat all the biggest building that yoU could have eaten . I mean I'm litterly yelling at you and saying "eat that building you are way bigger than it"

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