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Bad games are back again!
Today qzeq jumps into the pit of dung called “” to find the weirdest, dumbest, craziest and whackiest video games known to man.
The consequences, as always: broke my pc.

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:26 PlsDontBreakMyComputer.exe
00:56 CS:GO Zombies
01:33 Da Baby Games
02:47 Flying Gorilla PC
03:15 Fortnite 1
03:40 Fortnite 2
04:03 Fortnite 3?
04:50 Sus robux game
06:02 Minecraft
06:45 Nuclear Simulator
07:16 Talking Benovski
07:52 This is not a virus+qzeq antivirus
08:47 Outro

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  1. lol the moment that the french virus started my antivirus did a auto scan

  2. jesus christ. just watching this video gives me pure anxiety.

  3. That zombie model CS:GO is using is absolute shit. I got a better free one off the Unity asset store just to play around with.

  4. If you wonder what is qzeq speaking its finnish

  5. It was the official cs de_dust 2 map. Pretty sure it was before 1.6 (steam release.)

  6. 666% of eating storage
    Qzeq: Shrek help me
    Shrek: 😀

  7. i like how he said on 4:20 he speaking spanish like:hola trotabucles! nombre:qzeq senor

  8. At least I know how to say the f word in Swedish and now Finnish!

  9. Roblox don't only have one game it has many games

  10. Can’t believe his pc doesn’t have a virus

  11. as a french baguette i love how it's call'd JESUISPASUNVIRUS.exe

  12. the mine craft one is made by mojang❤😂

  13. :)::):):)):):):):):):)):):):):):):):):):):):)):):

  14. I laughed so hard some milk went into my lungs

  15. hey qzeq little question cqn you send the link of fortnite 3?

  16. bro played only one single bad roblox game for like 15 minutes and he already thinks that that is the whole roblox website

  17. Some idiot verified their email on the jameskii87 account :/

  18. That da baby car game that model was from a Mario kart mod.

  19. The THIS IS NOT A VIRUS french edition virus not only changes the memory and effects the display but also creates multiple files on you`re computer called "bonjour" also the real virus name in frech its called imnotavirus.exe

  20. As an Estonian who doesn't speak Finnish i understand some words in Finnish

  21. qzeq, the finlandiest man on youtube

  22. Hey guys! The next weeks video is gonna be like the videos, but EXACTLY 800 TIMES BIGGER.

    Make sure you've got your notifications on, you DON'T WANT TO MISS IT.

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