Build and Publish Unity Game to -

Build and Publish Unity Game to

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Unity PC Build or WebGL build to tutorial. I also show you how to upload to Unity Connect.

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  1. Hey! thanks! super usefull tutorial!
    Quick question, i have my build .exe done.
    The thing is that I lost my Unity project w/ the last version… (I know massive rooky mistake)
    So I can't export my webGL ..
    there is any way to publish a build w/out the webGl and be able to play it online?

  2. Hey! Thanks for the video – do you have to worry about piracy if you go through the .zip file method? Not that it matters since I've been pirated to hell through Steam anyways haha.

  3. Thanks so much! I spent too long with 7zip and for some reason it worked the first time the way I tried after seeing you do it normally. I guess that site can't process 7zip files or something cuz it seemed the same lol I feel so happy and relieved and Meh at the same time from spending wayyyy too many hours with it lol thanks again!!! My sanity is slowly coming back

  4. Thanks for the information! On my way to upload a playtest demo build 😊

  5. How do you make like a apk file like playable on browser
    And I know it doesn’t let you but like is there a way to turn it into html?

  6. do you need the zip to be books if so how do I do that?

  7. I accidently just uploaded the exe found out before game jam deadline

  8. This is a very good tutorial, Got a question, can you have a downloadable version and a webGL version at the same time?

  9. Mam,my game dont show in search.plz,tell me a solution.

  10. Thanks ! I was able to publish my Pixel Adventure World.

  11. So cool! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  12. if your making a 3D game then here is the script (in the reply for the movement copy and paste it)

  13. Every time I need to post something to itch, I watch this video. I've posted to itch 5 times. I never learn, lol. Great work!

  14. I'd love to rip a cone to this video. In fact I think I will

  15. im going crazy i keep pressing build but its not doing anything
    plz someone help

  16. it keeps saying that i need a password

  17. so i have a mobile game and i have zero clue how to open it on my iphone without the sizing being absolutely fried. HELPPPP!

  18. thank you i never know this method untill i found you you savior!

  19. When I open my game it only shows a gray screen

  20. thank you so much for this! still super helpful 3 years later for a new dev 🙂

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