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Join me, Vegeto and Jake as we play which is a brand new game (similar to and but with SQUARES or BLOCKS! Today we almost crashed the servers and reached number one and became the biggest!! is a brand new IO game with SQUARES! It’s similar to tetris, but as all IO games you can eat other players and grow BIG!!!

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  1. OMG turn on the subtitles for this video and you'll see how bad actually bodies English is but still I really like his videos

  2. Yeah I ur my number one YouTube and can u plz play it's the best mostly on mobile

  3. 99.9% of people won't read this
    But the 00.1% have a nice day

  4. I hear bodil say faaaaa(k) then an ad comes xD.

  5. whats with the fucking censorship? it ruins every fucking thing about the video.

  6. Unsubung, you don't play tuber sim anymore

  7. I did not bler the word on the leader board

  8. The blurred name had an n at the beginning, can any of u guess?

  9. wtf is this censoring, most of your audience I'd over 5 you know that right? Sick content but the censoring is getting annoying.

  10. You didn't censor well enough Bodil, I'm going to flag your video now!

    jk 😀

  11. I've got criplling depression.
    Hey whats up guys its scarce here.

  12. PLAY PEWDS TUBER SIMULATOR IT HAS A NEW UPDATE THE RED UPDATE TO uhm uhhh 😐🤔 hhmmm I think to 🤔 hmm to raise money for uhh 🤔 kids with uhh 😐 🤔 uhm um 🤔 AIDS YEAH AIDS😎

  13. i have subtitles on but it doesent even put the right things hes say bc of his accent😂

  14. I was BODIL NOTICE ME (the green one) and Who's Bodil?

  15. If i get 1k likes on this comment i will do a video where i burn 150€

  16. Thank you so much bodil… I was the first fan u met on the stream!

  17. Bodil pls play İts a shooting game. Can you play it live and say your servers name. PLSSSSSSSSSSS.,?!'@"&€)(;//-1234568900675 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪 BODİL40 PLSSSSS

  18. imate golemi tsitsi imate golemi tsitsi imate golemi tsitsi

  19. i've been away for a long time from bodils channel.. so where the f is Simon????

  20. bodil40 can u plz play again plz and who your daddy game plz bodil and can u do a terraria series plz

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