Border Control + Boat Strats = Perfect Strategy?! Territory Games io - Territorial IO -

Border Control + Boat Strats = Perfect Strategy?! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. You deserve 100k already! Your videos are amazing, unlike others i end up watching all of them!

  2. S̶a̶d̶d̶a̶m̶ H̶u̶s̶s̶e̶i̶n̶ says:

    let's go for Kazakhstan🇰🇿

  3. The greetings and hello never gets old!

  4. I died a little every time he tried pronouncing Duluth. WHERE IS THE "I" CG? Please, show me.

  5. ॐ ࿗ The Priest of Varanasi ࿗ ॐ says:

    I am able to fullsend again!!
    Looks like they added it back because everyone was mad. What are your opinions CG?

  6. I feel like watching your videos has actually made me into a much better player. When I started I was unable to do anything really. But now in 30-50 people lobbies, I can consistently get into last 5 standing. I can even get into last 3 standing. Usually I am like 2nd or 3rd in that position and am attacking the crown. Watching your videos helped me understand how to play those situations so unless I get inted or get full-sent on by the crown I can get wins sometimes.

    I have a question though. It was a few days ago, so I dont remember the numbers, but I got into a decent postion yet got absolutely rolled. It was a Europe map and I basicly had everything west from Tunesia in Africa. I also had 3/4 of Spain, UK, upper France, upper Germany with Denmark and the top of Poland. I brodered the crown who basicly owned Russia and Scandinavia only on the tiny point of Poland. I had like 8 million, the crown had around 15-20 million, there was The roman empire below me with about the same number as me and a guy in Caucasia till egypt who had 10 mil. Caucasia guy was attacking the crown and so did the Italians. I thought it was logical for me to attack as well. Especially because I had a narrow border and could gain a lot of land without expanding a lot of units. But after only one attack of mine, I was counterattacked and got pushed to France. Crown basicly lost nothing. I left the game when I had like 5 mil and tried to give my land to the italians so they could muster some resitance against the russians. What should I have done? I was nearing my max pop count so I couldnt just wait and sit around for it to grow. But as soon as I attacked, I lost.

  7. Dang I'm back after a while this isnostalgic

  8. Change your name to slowjamastan after the worlds newest country?

  9. you need alot more subs,
    not deserve or want
    NEED that is a call from the heavens
    it is just necessary

  10. Hey Cg i got a video idea for you go on the world map and clear the whole thing till 100%

  11. Day 46

    CG does NOT conquer Eritrea in this video

  12. Greetings and hello! Can't wait to see what content you can pivot to 😀

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