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Bad games just keep getting better!
Today qzeq delves through the pile of junk that is the new games section, and finds a new AI friend, a ton of FNAF clones and a bunch more “fun” “games”!

📕 Chapters:
00:00 Intro
00:59 Smug AI
02:55 Amerifat Simulator
03:43 Boot Blast USA
04:06 Call of Buty
04:33 Five Nights At Floppa 2
05:22 Five Nights With Floppa
06:20 Friday Night Funkin Spongebob Edition
06:38 GTA San Andyreas
07:27 GTA SA.EXE
08:06 Windows 95
08:43 Mario Goes To The Store
09:17 Out of Gym
10:19 Rossi Attack
10:43 Steamed Hams Visual Novel
11:48 Golden Apple Installer
12:43 Outro

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  1. Why do i love these games just because they are low quality

  2. Fun Fact: The Smug AI girl was made in an Customization anime girl game

  3. Next Game. Krusty Zombies.

    Includes spongebob with a gun and drinking Unkown Mixture Drinks

  4. What if you installed smug AI multiple times?

  5. Shit, that I'm COOM yt link is actually a rickroll

  6. Microsoft should bundle Smug AI for the next release of Windows instead of Cortana.

  7. You should play more gigachad related games

  8. buying a Mac just to play Call of Booty Modern Warcrimes™ is very tempting I have to say

  9. I literally got an Avast pop up while watching this

  10. My man Ovidiu Makes also cool games go sub to Ovidiu Dendrino

  11. I didn't expect to see 5 nights with a floppa. I liked this game though I played it on my phone out of boredom. Part 2 is probably the worst of all the others. 1 is not bad if you look into it and 3 too.

  12. Против шлепы ничего не имей. Иначе узнаешь мастерство русских разрабов.

  13. Detroit become anime girl ai while being reincarnated as a demon lord in another world

  14. Lol didn’t expect to see Dave and Bambi golden appke

  15. I Didnt Even Know That He Didnt Know Sebee.

  16. The (fake) gta is from indonesian game thanks for playing ❤❤❤❤

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