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BIGGEST FISH IN THE SEA! ( Gameplay Commentary) – is a new IO game like,, etc etc

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  1. Pretty sure that was dolphin at the beginning of the video, not a shark. I thought Australians knew what animals were. (sorry to the other Australians in this comment section)

  2. im here from captainsauce comments

  3. Yup you gotta watch out for them fliying crabs

  4. What happened to all of your gaming we don’t want fortnite anymore

  5. Hi there I’m sorry to bother you’re having fun but I’m sorry to bother anyone with you I don’t want you guys in my life and I’m sorry for not getting you a text message and then you have a chance I will talk with him tomorrow I know you are going out of the office but you know that you don’t have a job and I just don’t know if I have any idea how to make you happy and I know that I cannot is a way I don’t know how you can do that and you have a good day I know I love to talk about you but you don’t know what I mean I just got a little something

  6. “What’s the role of the seagull other than shutting on stuff”

    Top 10 most asked question

    Edit: can someone tell me who Steve Irwin is? I’m so confused

  7. I want more floor balls in 2020 Lannan…

  8. you played with fiiiiiisssss thats captionsause

  9. Remember when Lazarbeam was good?? Yeah me too

  10. Dude it's literally 3:00 am and I'm watching this

  11. LazarBeam: * Sees guys sitting on the ground *
    Also LazarBeam: “MMmmm floor balls”

  12. Why why would it go for me and where where are the people who go through your own room or to where they start the door or what they do for them or you don’t know where to go and what the heck where what are they doing where they can be in your car and then go to the mall or do they want to go in your room where or why where they go are or why they don’t want it to do what they are they and don’t want to do what they are want and then go back and then go go home or go to go get the a plan where they go to go where are you or where they are where you are and why you don’t want me where they don’t want you want me to go to hell where they are you don’t are go back here to where they re the best in a few minutes or so where you start your to start go to go home for your home and go back home for the day you want me back to your room or where are they going or what you want me now or do you want to go to your home and then you can start a couple hours a

  13. Who else is watching this 3 years later

  14. "you know they called me a beaver in school"

    i'm not suprised

  15. nah this game valid I play it all the time deada$$

  16. Funny how you said game of the year for 2017😢

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