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Today we use a NEW troll strategy in and go for the #1 spot!
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  1. SSundee: This video…. Will probably get…. 1M views
    Me: Looks at Views your wrong, it's 7M

  2. he says 1M views but after only 2 years he has almost 7.5M

  3. pls play the battleship class. I played it once and killed number 5 on the leaderboard

  4. i refer to the defenders traps as kidney stones

  5. Diep is like those game strat just isn’t bad

  6. Ssundee said he would GEt 1MIlLIon SUBs bUt he needs 1 million more to get 20,000

  7. “A lot of you aren’t actually subscribed!!”
    Me: explain the 20M subscribers:)

  8. If everyone subscribes to him on any video then he has more than a billion subs

  9. 12:03 99% of views are allready subscribed you would get like 10k subs only

  10. Oh so Opie I already have to let somebody kill me to just lose and I got the first place

  11. You can run Sunday because you are cannot die

  12. Sunday i'm a seven years old guy and i'm making a video

  13. I like his work and effort that he puts in to the games he plays

  14. Ssundee its been 2 years since this video was posted but I think you should do this again.

  15. I love how he kept saying this is the first deception like 50 times

  16. The best deception is having a high level sniper no bullet dmg so they rush you then you have max speed and full body dmg full max health and regen

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