Albert plays -

Albert plays

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get merch or u will lose everything
today I play this game genuinely makes me so angry


  1. me when he says get rid of trump the FU** YOU SAY

  2. hey flamingo play a horrible game callled wormface its really fun but also dumb its a good vid idea 🙂

  3. Someone wise once said "I am literally gaming" And "I am literally going to game in a minute"Albert makes us all laugh every day
    Like if you agree!

  4. Alberta ip has been leaked from this game and he didn’t notice

  5. It is impossible to watch Alberts literally game without laughing

  6. idea: go into wormface , go into the safezone with the pink grass, and just start trapping people and resetting them / pushing them off the cliff , and if they fall off, they glitch and all that is shown is their head.

  7. "I didn't even have fun playing it, like, I had fun"

  8. I’m going to literally game right now dies AhhhhhhhhhhhhHhh

  9. i saw a oliver tree figure in the background

  10. Albert hating on wormface :
    Also Albert : spending 1000's on robux on the game

  11. I love it when Albert rages in games. It makes me laugh.

  12. You should get a boxing dummy, because when your mad you could punch it as hard as you want.

  13. i Really got 1st i am saying OH GOD PLS NO DO NOT KILL MEEEEEEEEE but i did not im the god

  14. that game makes me angry so much it keeps killing me

  15. The I'm literally gaming right now just got me XDDDDDDD

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