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4 Other Fun io Games!

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Yes, I play other games…
The game of beginning life. Starting as a tiny cell in a petri dish, your job is to grow. That’s basically it…OH, and there are viruses, pellets, evil cells (other players), and death everywhere 🙂
This game is satifying as fudge tho. Don’t forget the overpowered teaming that happens in FFA…it’s absolute cancer. Teams is best!
Imagine being a fish, evolving in the most stupid animal possible. Worm can turn into Eag- wait why are there eagles in a fish game…?
Just be the best fish in the ocean! But wait, any fish slightly bigger than you can mess your life up.
Looks like a chill fun game, right? WRONG! This is the most stressful shit you’ll ever play. I honestly don’t know if you’re a worm or a snake. Eat other players poop (pellets) or player in order to become mammoth sized Godzilla snake!
An extensive multiplier game where you play as a jet, shooting or kamikazeing other players in order to be at the top of the scoreboard! Find aiming to be an absolute pain and have a 90% chance of getting shot down by a stray missile. So most players find themselves spam left clicking. Not to worry! There are other weapons you can equip from a mysterious airship above.

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  1. My all time favorite io games are actually diep, brutal, wings, and slither(I know it's overrated, but I'm already so good at it that I thought It'll be a waste If I switch and don't play it again)

  2. 9:21 thats why you ask the jet

    i think drifting b2 fits better


  4. Wait what deception playing something else other then diep.io for once? That's like something else that would happen like once a year in this channel tbh

    Also I missed your videos like three times because the thumbnail was other than diep.io so I thought it was someone else's video until I looked at your channel

  5. i already played all of these games😂
    nice thumbnail btw

  6. the 2nd game i try it but i dont even know howto pay it

  7. why did i get banned from your discord server ;-;

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