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3 Scary Itch.io games

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3 Scary Itch.io games

Love some 3 Scary Itch.io games ! (Almost home now) Fun little game . The controls are a little difficult to get use to but it had its creepy moments! (Make sure its closed!) Is a very short game but plays on a fear that I didnt even know I had until now .(Lighthouse) Ive realized that I love lighthouse games 🙂 even if the ending confuses me lol

Almost home now
A 10 minute horror experience of a girl walking home alone at night.

Make sure its closed!
I made a short game about something that used to scare me as a child.

You are a fisherman, which was heading home, but suddenly a thick fog covered your sigh, and pushing through would be too dangerous, so you seek shelter on the Heligoland island where you are trying to find a signal to contact others for help.
You heard stories before about an island called Heligoland, a gigantic creature lurking somewhere near the lakes in Heligoland.
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Check out these 3 Scary Itch.io games on itch.io

Almost home now

Make sure its closed!


00:00 Intro
00:20 Almost home now
06:31 Make sure its closed!
08:43 Lighthouse
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  1. @ Dweep Gaming,OT – This made me LOL; '…but suddenly a thick fog covered your sigh…' So, besides it being audible, it also becomes visible…? 😅

  2. Some really spooky games here, I think my favourite was Almost home now because the ending part was really creepy. Great video as always Dweeb 🙂

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