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1v1 rated Territorial.io games (Quest to be the best)

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This is my Quest to be on the leader board for territorial.io. These are the 1v1 rated games.

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  1. I don't know if you were recording much yesterday but I started playing this game yesterday and I found your channel to learn some tips. In the very next game I played you were in it which was cool. And your tips did help I got 5th in that game and later on in thr day I won two battle royales so thanks!

  2. Markiplier x JackSepticEye For Lifeu says:

    Brilliant vid Grave.

  3. noiiiceeee vid, im always here to support you man!
    loving the content, thinking of joining the grav smp

  4. noiiiiceeee video today
    loving the content right now and ill alwayse be here to support you
    Keep it up!

  5. I’m the 2nd best player in Grave clan behide TheGraveOne himself

  6. If you click the name of the player in the leaderboard, you get to see their location.

  7. I was in one of your games my name was please don’t attack and then you attacked and I full sended on you

  8. what button do you click to use emojis on a pc?

  9. Glad I was able to make it to the stream 👍🏻

  10. what happend to 10k i think you get it ooo my god

  11. Hope to see you on the battle field! You streaming 1v1 tonight?

  12. Great video! I wanted to try this myself but my rank doesn't seem to be moving, every win it says that I get 4.0 points but when I start a new 1v1 it says I have 0 again do you or anyone in the comments know the fix?

  13. I'm confused on how to join the Minecraft. pls help

  14. Love the content. Learned quite a bit about playing Territorial from you. Join your clan btw. I'm [GRAVE] …

  15. Lol I named myself "Bot 666" yesterday to troll and someone named Bot 666 killed me today lol

  16. I play a lot but that echan word confuses me- what is to not echan?

  17. I know a trick to getting points rely fast just spawn really close to the player ur against and attack little bits then destroy

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